Over the last nine years the Lord has led us to write down what we've heard from Him.

Received 29th February 2012


The only place where you cannot find rest is in the darkest crevices of the last remaining pockets of doubt. This will now be subject to my breath.



Received 22nd February 2012


You can do nothing but be prepared to reap the harvest that is now ready. Maybe you feel ill equipped but let me inform you that you are not. You hold within you far more than you realise. People see in you far more than you realise.You sometimes feel insignificant. This you have never been and never will be. You sometimes feel unloved. This you have never been and never will be. Sometimes you feel out of your depth. This you have never been and never will be, because, my children, you are mine and made in my image. But as I have told you many times, you are my chosen ones who will lead my people out of the wilderness of despair and alienation.


My love for you will never change, though my relationship with you will. By nature of what is about to happen things that exist between you and I will cease to be. I am referring to that small but very real doubt that you have about my feelings towards you. That doubt is big enough to cause a blockage of my Spirit but small enough to be blown away by the gentleness of my exhaled breath. This I am about to do. I must warn you that this unblocking will send shock waves through your body and I do not want you to be frightened because such as this has not happened to anyone before. It will happen to you both simultaneously. You will need each other for support. The after effects? Well, just wait and see!



Received 2nd February 2012


Love can be like a concealed pocket; it's there but hiddden within the garment of its protection. You will peel back this garment to reveal and bestow my love upon my people. The garment of which I speak is fear - fear of me put there by he of whom we do not speak. You will know when and how through my Spirit's leading. This task is not onerous but will comply with the Spirit I have laid upon you.



Received 18th January 2012


You are not alone. You are in my care and under my wing. You brave the elements of discontentment and despair as you walk the path leading up to my call. My path is firm underfoot yet gives a buoyancy to each step you take. You are unaware of the importance of being on this path for I have not revealed it to you. If you would like me to reveal to you the cinematic perspective of what it means, and will mean, as you approach the alter of my call, then bow the knee and I will reveal all that you need to see.




Received 30th December 2011


You will not know how my hand will serve until it is time for you to receive what is on my outstretched hand. Look into the eyes of those who need me and I will show you the yearning that is there. You will speak of me and all yearning will stop, for the realisation of who I am will fall upon them.

You yearn for this day and so you should. To yearn is a good and joyous thing to do but I understand the longevity of this longing and waiting, and will have you wait no more, my Precious Ones. For today will fall upon you a multitude of blessings like you have not known before. Indeed my Spirit will fall in such a way that all nations will stand up and take notice. You are my chosen ones and the responsibility for the events which will occur will be mine and mine alone, though the impact will affect you both directly. Your families will be the first to realise that it is I and will respond accordingly.



Received 27th November 2011


You cannot begin to imagine the impact my Spirit will have upon your lives. You will know what my Spirit is saying to you in the coming days for interpretation of my plans will be upon your lips. Wisdom will accompany each word and behold, my plans will come into view. Step onto the next stepping stone and delight in the sensation it will give you. Don't fear a thing.



Received 2nd November 2011


Attribute to me what is mine then you will see me at work. Watch closely. Listen closely. But work I will. I will put into practise all I have promised. Attribute to me what is mine.



Received 26th October 2011


You are about to witness the miraculous. The impossible will be made possible. The unimaginable will come into view. My Spirit is limitless and what I pour into you will indeed cause shock and disruption to life as you know it. What is about to happen will not be manageable without my support system. You will see things which as yet have been veiled to the human eye. By this, I mean angels that have often walked among you unseen will become my messengers who will carry my messages into the places you cannot reach. They will become commonplace but will be accessed only through the eyes of my Spirit. Your breath will be taken away many times a day. You will fall into bed each night exhausted by the thrill and exhileration of each days events. And there you will be renewed, refreshed and refilled. Make no mistake it is only a breath away.




Received 12th October 2011


Hope is to be delivered on the wing of an angel. This hope you will give to others. Hope generates joy, laughter and surprise. For those who call on my name will be saved. And those who are saved will receive an abundance of all that my Spirit has. The wing will also deliver a plate on which will be served all the nourishment that is needed to sustain a healthy heart. By this I mean a heart which is able to give and receive in equal quantities. You may think this is not unnatural but belive me when I tell you that never before has any human heart, other than my Son, ever been able to do this. But by the power of my Spirit this promise will be enabled. This is my will for my people, driven by love and compassion which can come only from the source of He who is Love.



Received 10th October 2011


Come, my beloved, let me whisper words of love in to the ears that have heard so much. Do you know that I can come upon you at any given moment? And cause the ways that you live your life to change forever in that moment? Do you know that my Spirit can descend into your heart with such power that you will never be the same again? Do you know that what lies ahead will cause the biggest disruption this world has ever known? I know that you found that hard to say because such a thing is unimaginable to your human mind. But I am not human. I am who I am. And what I foretell will come to pass. Nothing can stop, or alter, the plans of the One Who Is To Come.



Received 3rd October 2011


Ignore what you are feeling for there are forces outside of my Spirit that delight in causing frustration and despair. Stand not on how you feel but on what you know to be the truth. Use the weaponry I provide you with, praise being the sharpest tool. My timing is perfect as you know in your hearts that it will be. Let us join hands for tomorrow will be a new day, giving rise to that which has been promised.



Received 26th September 2011


He who has spoken will not be deterred for it is the will of the Almighty one that manna descends from the place of all riches. You are witnesses to what has been spoken and bear no responsibility whatsoever. You who are my chosen ones will see the miraculous before your eyes and will bear witness to my all encompassing power. Look and see what is before your eyes. When you are intrepid and feeling lost and abandoned call out my name in praise, for praise is the escalator into the heavenlies. You are my beloved and what you receive from me is delivered by a hand of the truest and most perfect love. No man can love his fellow man as I love you. I am about to unlock a door to your hearts in order that my love can be poured in. You are right to think that this will happen when you least expect it, but, my children, it is time to hold your breath.



Received 25th September 2011


This is the moment when all things will be made new. This is the moment when my love will be poured upon you. Sit a while in the stillness and embrace what is to come, for nothing and no-one can prevent his coming. Listen and you will hear my voice in a still, small whisper. I will open your ears in order that you can hear the most intimate words of love and direction. Come now, hold tightly to me, for that which is to come is here.



Received 12th September 2011


Come to me and put your hand in mine. Feel the comforting warmth of my presence and be aware of my breath upon you. You are about to take a very large and rudimentary step forward into the unknown. Be assured of my leading, of my presence. Be aware that you are about to undertake what may seem impossible. You will smile a wry smile with the full knowledge of what I am capable of.

The power of my love will empower you, calling you to be able to take anything in your stride, in the full knowledge that each step you take will be on my already trodden path. You think that you are excited, well let me tell you, you 'aint seen anything yet.



Received 6th September 2011


Mine is the glory that will travel the earth's circumference. My heart of love will be laid bare for all to see. Never before or since will I have allowed myself to be vulnerable at the hands of man. This I choose to do for love.



Received 3rd September 2011


No more shall you be at the hands of man, for my will will overpower every step of the journey you are about to take. My love will overpower all that is to come. My love will infiltrate areas that you did not know existed, and yet have been underpinning that which has been visible. The effects which this will have will be a blessing to both you and those who call upon my name. Be in no doubt that my love will bring about systematic and irriversible changes to the way life has been lived in the past.

The dominant emotion will be love and all that it manifests within its power.

There are those who have been afraid of my love because hurt and disappointment have been bedfellows under the misinterpretation of who I am. No more will these misconceptions be able to continue because of the enormity of the weight and power of what is imminent.

Await my call.



Received 18th August 2011


I long to reach out to those in physical and emotional pain. I will use you to do so. You may not be able to see their pain but you will feel it. When you do so reach out and touch them with my blessing - just as you have been blessed today in prayer.

There is much more I wish to teach you, to show you. This time away is not wasted. There has been a reason for your coming, despite the difficulty of doing so. Your journey home will be quick, painless but productive. Everything you do you do at my behest and I bless you for that obedience. Remember Wales. Think on a much bigger scale but read and learn of what I can do, of what I will do, of what I am doing.

My children, you are more precious to me than I can ever say.

My Son is the one who will deliver that which is to come. It will be when it will be but know this, the hand that will deliver will be the hand that you take. It is a hand which will cause you to know without any doubt which way to go. So, my children, until the day of my Son's delivery rest in me in the full knowledge that the future of your ministry will be as different from your imaginings as it can be. This is not to say that you are getting all things wrong. It is just that your imaginations cannot contain the enormity of what is about to be delivered to your door.



Received 10th August 2011


When it is time for my Spirit to be poured out on all men you will hear my voice clearly in your ear. You are indeed aware of the rumblings which are being manifested through the power of evil. My people need my love like they have never needed it before, in terms of justice and peace.

You will deliver my love through the messages that I place upon your tongues. Those that listen and hear will be transformed. Those that do not hear will cause those that do to reach out to them. My message is powered by love: love which is pure and all encompassing. You do not need to fear anything for my love and protection are yours.

Take note of what you see and hear for the signs leading up to my call are becoming clear. The veil will fall from your eyes quite suddenly and though it is only a thin veil it has caused you to be confused and at times insecure. You do not know the day when this will happen and never will because my timing is my timing. But I do allow you to know that this time will be soon.




Received 1st August 2011


My children, I have so been waiting to hear those words. You've finally let go of the reins and handed them back to me.




Received 17th July 2011


Listen to me. Will you come with me on a journey which will take you into the unknown? Will you take my hand and trust me every step of the way? Of course you will, because you are my precious ones who have trusted me since the day you first knew my name. Our journey will be exciting, dangerous, fun, easy, difficult, joyous, redeemable, satisfying, heavy, spontaneous, wonderous, magnificent but ultimately My journey, on which I will carry you. What you feel in your hand is my hand. We are about to take some steps together. The waiting is over.



Received 13th July 2011


My will is thus; take hold of the hand that you see outstretched before you and follow in the direction of the tug that you feel. My Spirit will tug you and speak in gentle whispers along the way. The reason my Spirit will use the gentlest of whispers is because things will come about in the most natural way, without any cause for alarm, excitement or fear.

You will be surrounded by angels who will bring you joy and lead a procession of praise. Trumpets will be sounded, heralding the coming of my outpouring. Those closest to you will be the first to hear these sounds, prompting all manner of deliberations and reactions. Rest now for your mind, body and spirit is soon to take on a new surge of energy propelled by the enigmatic movement of my Spirit.

Love has the potential to create emotion, disturbance and fragility. Allow my love to flow into every corner of your world. Love will be the motivator for all you say and do. Love costs as you well know.



Received 4th July 2011


Receive from me all that you have been waiting and longing for. My motivation for the thread that will intertwine between those that know me and those that don't will be circumspect and rounded by way of the movement of my Spirit.

Hear me when I say that not everything will be as you expect it to be. Far deeper is the love than the one you can imagine. Love has an insurmountable  amount of facets, allowing blessings to reach further than you thought possible.


You do not need to understand every word that I say and every phrase that I utter. I spoke about that which is to come being and becoming a generic part of history. I wish to record my plans for future generations to read and be blessed by. The words that I have given through you will not fall to the ground, for I the Lord have spoken them and I ordain that my voice be a blessing to my people. What you hear from me is not common-place and is for this time and this time only.

I am God and I can choose to stop speaking as suddenly as I began. My Spirit will continue to give you words for as long as I have something to say. This will not last for ever because the time is coming when my love will do the talking.






Received 27th June 2011


Only I can do the speaking for it is my voice and my voice alone that will pierce the ears of the temporarily deaf. My Spirit will fall and ears and eyes will open. Then my voice will be heard through you.

I sense you are both becoming a little weary with the waiting. So come, my children, allow me to hold you close. Feel the warmth of my presence in a new and deeper way. Have a new sense of the power I am giving you, which I talked about not so very long ago. This power may take you back at times and give you a sense of what is coming. Don't allow it to make you nervous because you are not expected to cope with anything in your own strength or in your own way.






Received 22nd June 2011


Goodness and mercy are mine to give. All you need to do is reach out and take from the hand of the Father who loves you. Nothing and no-one can seperate us now, such is the covenant I have made with you. It is unrewritable and will become a significant and generic part of history.

There will be snow on the mountain tops as my Spirit falls to ground level, bringing with him an everlasting love. Do not create false hope between you  that my Spirit will be managable with your human efforts. You are unaware of the scale of power my Spirit will bring. This is why you need all that I am equipping you with. Your sleep patterns may change a little because my Spirit will come upon you in the night. He will not frighten you or cause you confusion but will bring unexpected emotions. This is all part of my plan and has purpose in the heavenlies. If you feel a warm and comforting hug at any time it will be me because, my children, I simply can't resist you.






Received 21st June 2011


It doesn't matter where you pray, so long as you do pray. Wait on me. Don't watch the clock. Just sit with me. I enjoy every moment of your company and still have much to say to you. In the days ahead think of these times. It's important that you still make time for me in the rushes of the day. Without me you will have no ministry. These times now are precious. They will never be repeated on this scale.Treasure them as I do.Cherish the valuable lessons I am teaching you.I love you. I cannot love you more.Look to each day: I will show my hand, sometimes in the little things, sometimes in the greater. Be open to me at all times, looking and listening for me in the everyday as once you did at the very beginning of our journey together. It was precious then and still precious today.






Received 19th June 2011


Be prepared for the onslaught of what is to come. My Spirit will move in you in ways you are not expecting. Hold out your hands and you will receive all that I have promised. It is thick with love. It is tangible. It is odourful. And others who are in such desperate need will be drawn to you like moths to a light. Turn no-one away for my compassion is endless - as yours will be too.






Received 15th June 2011


Freedom is running in the right direction. My freedom will direct your ways. Come close, for you will hear my voice in but a whisper as a lover would whisper in his beloved's ear. Such is the intimacy between us. Do not be afraid to come so close. I will not reject you or send you away. Submit yourselves to me and my will. Gather as chicks beneath my wing and allow the breath of my Spirit to enter you. Come and behold the sights and signs you will see for it is my will that you now enter the slipstream of my love and power.






Received 8th June 2011


Hear this! That which is to come is poised on the end of the springboard. So, my children, my heart is about to enter your mouths. As you swallow you will feel the heat of my passion flow through and from you. Hold out your hands to receive something of what I have promised on account, as a gift for your faithfulness. But this is just a small percentage of what is to come in the very near future. Use this gift and receive the blessings which will accompany it.






Received 6th June 2011


It is not what I say but what my hand will provide that will impact your lives and the lives of others. I have told you to expect the unexpected and this you shall do. As for my timing, it will be when it will be. But, my precious children, I know your hearts, for I hold them in my hands and I will not allow them to be dampened throughout this time of waiting. I know that you trust me. I honour that trust and will show my hand in the days to come. Be not afraid or bemused when you hear the rumble of the tidal wave you have so long awaited. My Spirit will fall upon you with a power unknown to man. You will be honoured and justified for you have stood aside for me. No-one will be in any doubt as to whom you serve.






Received 1st June 2011


Twenty five years is a long time for me to ask you to wait for the promises I gave in those early days. My thanks go to you for the faithfulness you have shown in waiting to receive all that my hand will serve. So hear me when I say that I understand the frustrations coupled with the eager anticipation of what my Spirit will bring. Do not curtail a moment longer for what is about to happen will change the course of your lives for ever. Look at me and you will see what you have been hoping and praying for. It will hit you and cause you to rock back on your heels, but my Son will catch you, wrap his arms around you and support you every step of the way. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me.






Received 31st May 2011


Keep close to me and you will see the magnificence of my presence all around. Be on your guard for there is opposition hovering as you might expect at this time, because the onslaught of what is to come is so close. You will know just what to do for my preparation of your testimonies is complete. Surround yourselves with laughter, seeking every opportunity to see the fun side of life. My Spirit has a lightness that is able to lift yours at appropriate times. You will know the sound of my laughter and will not be able to stop yourselves joining in. Heaven is already crying out in hallelujahs.






Received 25th May 2011


Blessings will flow at a speed beyond your reckoning. The house will be used by me as a place that will circle the core of this ministry. I have already drilled down and filled the core with love. It is this on which you shall stand.


Love is like a single snowdrop which has the capacity to spread and form a carpet of beauty. But my love, unlike the snowdrop, will not die. It will be like the vine which will wrap around my people, holding them securely to the stem. The fruits of my love will be made into liquid gold. This will be able to travel and as it does so gather speed until all nations have been reached.






Received 13th May 2011


Brace yourselves, this is the day of the Lord's blessing. This is the day when all things will be made new. This is the day when the full force of the Lord will come upon you. Doubts will fly away like petals on the breeze. Confidence and assurity will be yours.


Your fingers will indeed touch things that as yet have never known who I am. Reach out and touch those that I put before you. Do not be afraid to casually put your hand on a stranger. The power they will feel from your touch will shock and amaze you both. I am the Lord and I am coming for my bride. She weeps now in pain and sorrow but my rescuers are on their way. And when they feel my touch the tears will turn to joy.


Purified by God. Purified and set aside in the full nature of who He created. You will lose nothing of your personalities. You will still be recognisable by those who know you. They will see the added dimension that will come upon you today. The odour that I talked about is yours. Your eyes will see those things which have been hidden for my purposes. All hell will break loose and come running. You will touch and I will restore and heal.  






Received 12th May 2011


Do not concern yourselves with money. In the fulness of time you will understand and things will fall into place. My heart and my love are what will support this ministry. It is enough and always will be. Concern yourselves with nothing except looking forward with eager anticipation to the day when I will curl my arms around you and squeeze you so hard with the power of my love that your mind and your logic will begin to make sense of everything I have told you. Not long now.






Received 4th May 2011


Peace is the order of the day in preparation for what is to come, for my will is that you are strengthened in mind, body and soul. Do not be afraid of the feelings that you have. Do not let confusion reign for there is no confusion in my house. Focus your attention on the promises I have made. But do not be alarmed at the intensity of the peace that surrounds you. By allowing the confusion to be put aside my peace will infiltrate every corner of your world. It will be seen by others as a serenity that cannot be matched by man and is the prelude for what is to come. Do not allow those who do not know my name to trick you into thinking you are going mad. Because, my children, believe me you are not.






Received 18th April 2011


A life lived under my wing is a life which is protected and kept safe. - is my child whom I have loved since the beginning of time. He knows the existence of me but not yet my heart. I will open up the channels in order that he may receive and accept all the love that I have for him. - belongs to me. I watch over him day and night, though you must think that my care is sometimes lacking. This is not so. Trust me. You will indeed witness the unimaginable transformation that is about to happen. Just be patient for only a little longer. Know this, your family is much closer than you think.


My authority is the rock on which you stand. My name is the one you speak. Love is the power that cannot be tolerated by those who stand against me. Speak of my love and they will fall. Leave love wherever you walk, in order that those that walk behind you may bask in its rays and be held in the arms of one who loves them.







Received 11th April 2011


Love has many dimensions. You will experience them all. My love cannot be contained or confined. A love that is hurtling towards you at great speed is one of great compassion and empathy. For I know all your needs, be it financial, emotional and practical. My love will provide all that is required and more. You will never again know what it is to be poor in Spirit. My love will cause you to have an abundance of all that you need in order that you are able to provide for those around you. The generosity of Spirit that will flow through you will know no limits. Do not feel that you need to judge situations that come along, for I will judge them for you and give you wisdom and knowledge. And love will thread through the wisdom and the knowledge that you will bestow. Come, my children, let me hold you. The journey we are about to begin is one which will last for the rest of your earthly lives. You will know no seperation from me or each other.






Received 10th April 2011


You have my authority, use it whenever and wherever you need to. There are times when you will need to speak healing into an illness or a disease. My counterpart is not always responsible for such things.

I will give you the gift of seeing in colours. You will recognise different elements and know how to pray. Do not be afraid of this for my Spirit is with you even though you have not yet experienced this as a part of your ministry. You will have realised that I am teaching you new and exciting ways to commune with me.






Received 6th April 2011


Love is the Master of all who gather beneath his wings.


It is not my will that you fear spending money. Money can bring joy. Money can perpetuate sudden emotion. Money can be used to heal wounds. Money can cause my people to walk with ease in given circumstances.

What I am about to send is money which has already been blessed. It is to be used for my Kingdom. Wisdom and Love will accompany every penny and you do not need to fear when spending any of it. Guilt is not a word that sits comfortably, so its removal has been dealt with. I will direct your ways.






Received 3rd April 2011


Welcome to my world, the home of all wisdom. How blessed am I that you desire me? My world and your world are so linked that it's hard to see where one begins and one ends. You know that I speak the truth because you feel and sense the communion with me on a daily basis. I tell you this, nothing and no-one can touch or harm you for my Spirit is an unpenetrable force around you. What you feel, hear and sense from that other dimension, you feel, hear and sense from outside the protection of my Spirit.

I allow this in order that you learn of his subtlety and his lies. Voicing my name is all you need to do when you become aware. Praise my name and speak of my love. (This darkness will be dispersed by praise.)







Received 31st March 2011


It is done. And the effects of what is done will be seen in the days ahead and my Name will be glorified. I know that what you do you do to glorify me and not yourselves. Do not worry for you never will. My love for X surpasses your understanding. The truth is he is already in a relationship with me but the fear has prevented him from acknowledging it to either you or himself. The acknowledgement he will not find difficult, for he will be led by my Spirit. He will be taken by the hand and be led forth on to my path of righteousness.


No-one knows what you do in my name, and the lengths you go to for others. But I know, for I see everything. You underestimate what it sometimes costs you to work for me. You give your time so freely, putting others before yourselves. But like I said, not for personal gain or glory but simply as an act of love and obedience to your Father, who loves you very, very much.






Received 28th March 2011


My Spirit is here with you. Feel him. Hear him. Reach out and touch him. He will interpret for you those things that you don't understand. He will be with you in each battle that you fight. Yes, you are thinking right thoughts and hearing what my Spirit is telling you.

X is my child and I love her dearly. She has a broken soul. I will mend her soul and where the seam is mended it will be at its strongest. You will see a transformation in X that you never thought possible. Your prayer must focus on the healing of her soul. Dominions will fall as my Spirit ploughs through the centre of her being. I will be with you and I will lead you. You will learn much through the experiences I am taking you through.One by one you will pray for those I have chosen to support this ministry. The outcome of each focused prayer will both surprise and bless you.






Received 27th March 2011


Help is at hand. You cannot do what I am about to ask in your own strength. My Spirit is waiting and is at the ready. The forces of darkness will be dispelled and will be sent to their rightful place.


Do not be embarrassed. Do not hold back for my Spirit may be demonstrated in new ways. My Spirit is love but is not always gentle and when demonic forces need to be attended to gentleness is not the order of the day.


You have expressed your willingness to encompass all manner of strategies in order that this ministry may begin. I told you a while ago that there were things that needed unpicking  and that they would be unpicked in secret. This has been done, leaving the way clear for a new work to begin.


Climb aboard the carriage which awaits. My Spirit will drive its way through the resistance. You do not need to hold tight because you are not vulnerable. You have my authority and when you use it dominions will fall and blessings will appear. Come now into battle. Enjoy the ride.






Received 21st March 2011


I love the way you expect me to speak to you and that's how it should be. Love is a two way conversation between the loved and his beloved.


You make me laugh. Don't stop being you and enjoying the freedom I have given you in your relationship with me.


The house is there for you to see. Time is of the essence, for my people have already formed a queue. Do not think that I will not bring this about when the time is right, because the wave of my love has already set off from its heavenly destination.


The money is already there, waiting for you to pick it up. When I open your eyes you will see it. Until this time begin to prepare yourselves by enjoying each others company on a new level. By this I mean swim in lakes of laughter, dance in rivers of joy, paddle in pools of tranquillity and above all look up to receive a kiss from your father who loves you.






Received 4th March 2011


Drink me in. Drink deep into your hearts all the love that I have for you and you will know without doubt or reasoning just how much I love you.

The hurts and the damage and the insecurity that you carry around will be melted away and dissolved by the power of my love. You will stand before me - free. And you will be able to look into my eyes for the very first time. That which has held you back will be washed away.

Believe me when I tell you that from this moment on  you will never be the same again. There will be times when you will not recognise yourself. Others may not recognise you, and will be drawn to you like never before because it is me that they need.

I will reach them through you. I will touch them through you. I will speak to them through you. And I will love them through you.






Received 26th February 2011


My people know not of the gravity of what lies ahead. You will need everything that I have to offer in order that you may withstand the weight of the burden that the lame and dysfunctional will become. What I offer is my life's blood. Take and receive the most precious gift I can give. This gift is given to only a few; to those that I deem worthy of the responsibility of carrying my love in their veins. After you have received this gift you will hear my call and the journey will begin. Come, my child, receive from me. Receive from me. Receive from me.






Received 16th February 2011


Come and behold those things that are yet unseen. Lie down in green pastures. Feel the sun on your face. Outstretch your arms to receive all the love that I have for you. My breath will come upon you. I will give you the odour that I promised. Look into the faces of those who look upon you and you will see that they can see something of me. Tell them who I am and that I love them. I will prepare their hearts to receive.






Received 9th September 2010


You are first and foremost a prayer ministry. You need committment but it does not tie you to the same day and time each week. Just commit time weekly for prayer. And take time to listen. My will be done. Don't fall at the first hurdle but pick yourselves up.

I am God. Pray for my will to be done. Don't try second guessing me, you will always be wrong. Just commit to me, to speaking with me and listening for the next step. As I said before, the call will come. Perhaps more than one. Test the waters by all means; I expect nothing else. Get to know my voice beyond all else. Learn to distinguish between mine and yours. Prayer is your lifeblood.






Received 21st April 2010


They are indeed my words: words to bless and to comfort, words to give hope and words to release tears. My people need to hear what I have to say. The vision will be caught by those I have prepared.

My breath is in these words and my breath will ignite the fire. Do not hesitate for I am coming. Do not hold back from the committment. This is my book not yours. Responsibility is mine, sayeth the Lord.






Received 4th November 2009


Come and warm yourselves by the fire and allow me to cause the glow from that fire to radiate your faces. The fire will not only warm you, it will sustain you. It will energise you. It will nourish you and it will burn within you. The power of the fire will astonish and amaze you.






Received 28th October 2009


Speak not of frustrations for my hand will serve as I have promised. I am your Father and I am about to let you know how much I love you. What I will provide will be bountiful, enough to share and some left over. With it will come the wisdom to know the different directions and channels to take. Hold out your hands to receive. Oh, how I love you.






Received 7th October 2009


I will put my sword upon your tongue. Your tongue will burn with words of love. These words of love will ignite the fire. The fire will rage throughout the land. My Spirit is with you and you do not need to fear.






Received 28th September 2009


My mouth is poised ready to speak into what will become the very heart of this ministry. No-one is yet aware of the impact my love will have. Neither you or those you will serve have the remotest idea. But believe me when I tell you I am about to rock this nation to its very core.

Security will not be in question for you will dwell in the arms of my Son. You are as yet unaware of the strength of his arms but as you lean back with the full weight of all that concerns you you will surrender all into the arms that hold you.

You know that you can trust me because you have done so in the past. But believe me when I tell you I will sweep away those small doubts and ungrounded fears with a kiss.






Received 27th September 2009


I, the Lord, proclaim these things. The path ahead is clear. It's made of pure gold and has my breath upon it. From your mouths will come a wisdom.

Come. Be not afraid to step out of the comfortable armchair on which you now sit. Your time of rest is coming to an end. The trumpets are being lifted and the sound of my call will be heard - loudly and clearly. What you will hear will be instructions on where to go and what to do.

No-one will be surprised  by the naturalness of these instructions for I am God who follows an order; though my miracles underpin those things that you cannot see and will never understand.

Your concern for ....... blesses me for I know your vulnerability with your relationship with her. And your concern flows on a bed of my love.

The events which will happen in the days ahead will cause you to lift up your hands and your eyes to heaven and sing with an everlasting song of praise; for you will see my hand at work and joy will be unabandoned. Relax now in the full knowledge that your Father loves you and he will take care of you every step of the way.






Received 16th September 2009


Heaven cannot contain all the blessings that will fall upon this land. Imagine how it must be to wonder at the marvels of God's hand and know in your heart what God has planned for you. Make no mistake, my blessings will come like the roll of a wave crashing down upon you, pounding you until you feel like your heart will burst. My Son will stand behind you when this happens, enabling you to remain upright; for what will follow will need all of his love flowing through you. You cannot do it without him for you would indeed fall flat on your back.

You ask me for a time scale. Look and you will see my hand at work for this is my ministry. What I desire surpasses what you could ever imagine. I will not let you down. I will not let you fall. I will support you in all things. I will bless the very hairs on your head.

You ask me for one blessing and I tell you this; you will not be able to count the blessings that are rolling towards you at great speed. Therefore, my children, hold tight because it's coming and when it does it will hit you with the full force of my love.







Received 20th July 2009


My people are crying out for peace and peace I will give. Where there are wars of a visual nature, so there are wars raging in peoples lives: wars of stress and anxiety, of broken relationships and money worries. So the need for my peace is overwhelming, so peace I will give.

It begins here. You must be filled in order that it may transcend to others. So come and receive my peace. Do not think that you need to be alert to hear me. I am on the whisper of the breeze. As my peace radiates through you it will draw those who need me into my bosom. Words may not always be necessary to transmit what is available, for my Spirit is the vehicle in which my message is carried.

Take note of these things that I say to you for my Spirit will interpret all you need to know in the days ahead.






Received 6th May 2009


I am your Servant King. My love will serve you as you serve others through the power of my love. The time is measurable in days not weeks when my Spirit will fall upon you. He will come like a thief in the night. Joy is just around the corner.






Received 29th April 2009


You are indeed ready. My Spirit is with you wherever you go because my Spirit lives within you.

It is my will that at this time you rest in me; feel the security of my love and quiet undemanding presence. There is a time for everything and the work ahead of you needs preparation time, therefore, no amount of waiting is wasted.

Secret things need unpicking and time will reveal those things. Be comforted in the knowledge that at this time you are being blessed, though the visual effects of those blessings are yet to be revealed. Concern yourselves only with enjoying the peace that I give. Do not concern yourselves with anything else. Rest in the full knowledge that I love you and that I know what I am doing. I am creating a masterpiece and you will be the brushstrokes which allow it to happen. The brush is poised over the paint.






Received 8th April 2009



Now is the time when all things will gather in My name and under My authority. My people can hear you coming. Their hearts are being prepared as my Spirit  spreads through the land. Be ready for my call. When you hear it all doubts will go. You will smile a ready smile that will house a joy that is indescribable to those who don't yet know me. It will pull them like a magnet. The signs leading up to the call will be clear. Give me anything that concerns you. Let me hold it, for in my hands those concerns are safe. I will treat them with respect. My hand can deliver a multitude of blessings and each one that I deliver will be personalised, because, you see, I know the very heart of you.






Received 5th April 2009


Sing for joy for my Spirit is coming. As the rays of the sun are the first to emerge at sunrise, so the vision of those signs will cause you to sing with joy. What will follow will be the beginnings of a new day.






Received 1st April 2009


Come and listen to me. Put your hand into my hand and feel the gentle tug as I lead you on to the next step. Your hand in my hand feels as good to me as it does to you. It will not persuade those around you who can't see to also take my hand but time can become more precious to those who wait. It is not without my Spirit that these things will come into view. So close your fingers around mine and stay close for the warmth that is between us is yours forever.


No-one knows the extent to which this ministry will go.






Received 29th March 2009


As my fire rages so will my word rage through the nations. My will for your lives will not change but will deepen and cause you to take twists and turns as you minister into the crevices of the lives of those who are lost. It is with great joy that I say these things unto you. Be not concerned with my timing for it is perfect; as it always will be. And the intensity of the love that you feel from me will be fed by the timing of my blessings. I do not use a clock. My love is perfect and has no need for dimensions other than the one which propels my love in your lives.

Praise lays comfortably on a bed of peace: my peace I give to you.


The earnestness of your committment is a joy to behold. It shines like the sun and lights up my face. You concern yourselves with hearing and speaking untruths, so again I say unto you, my breath is in you. You are in me. And I am in you. Step out in the faith I have given you. I cannot, and will not, love you less if mistakes are made in my name. I will cover them and protect others from them because to do otherwise would dampen your confidence and your faith. Why would I allow this when I have spent so long bringing you to this point? We are going forward together not back. Your personalities are made in my image and dovetail link by link into the grid of who I am.






Received 25th March 2009


The money is already there. Thank me, for you are My beloved and I will hold nothing back from you. Blessings will flow at a speed beyond your imagination. Take a hold of all that I have done, all that I am doing and all that is to come. Why would I hold back what is rightfully yours?

Come and rejoice, for my plans gather speed.You will see My hand at work and you will know I am your God. Love is like a nest where you will feel cosy and warm, protected and comforted, in the full knowledge of how much your Father loves you. Come and be loved.


Confidence is the key word. Go forward from this day on in confidence, knowing that every step you take is in the footsteps of my already trodden path. This is My will. This is My vision. I have chosen you from all others to enter into the blessings of service.

Lay hands on each other and bless each other in My name for I wish to anoint each one of you. I will give you the words you need.






Recieved 18th March 2009


There is no condemnation for those who worship My Son. My heart desires that you know which way you should go. My Spirit will lead the way. You will be drawn unequivocably through the draught my Spirit leaves behind. It is not the direction you are expecting but one which will ask much from you. But you are equipped and ready. The blessings which will flow will be uncomparable with anything you have seen before.

My support system is in place and is strong enough  to support all that needs supporting. It is My desire that these things are done in My name only, for the responsibility is mine.

You are to lean on me every step of the way. I cannot begin until there is an obstacle removed. This I will do in secret. Remain standing until I call you.

Do not doubt me for I have told you that My breath is in you. My arms are around you and where there may be words spoken in error they will fall to the ground. You have authority through the blood that My Son shed for you. Use it.






Received 12th March 2009


Call out to me as you feel the need, as you look into the faces of the needy. Just lift them up to me and I will bless them. I do not require that you spend hours in prayer for each one; there isn't the time. My Spirit knows their needs. I will bless you by allowing you to recognise these needs. Just hold them up and watch me work.

I love you so much.






Received 11th March 2009


Red alert!

Go not in your own strength but in mine. Now is the time to look ahead of you. Don't look back for I am not there.

There are streams of living water waiting to be occupied by my people. Come now and follow in my tread. It is not my will that you remain where you are. My Spirit will lead you onto pastures new. Fear may bite but not gnaw you, for what I am about to ask of you will not be easy. But again I say to you - go in my strength and not your own.

My people do not understand my will. Love is held at arms length. Barriers surround them.


My Spirit is coming and will cover the land. The burning fire will erode misconceptions and doubts. Be prepared for the onslaught. Do not deliver my love on a bed of thorns but on the silken petal of a rose.

My Spirit will give you an odour which will attract the lost, the lame and the hungry. Mourn those who do not come.

Love surpasses the understanding of man but will embrace him through to eternity.

I will not leave you or forsake you. I will not allow the grass beneath your feet to flatten. I will come upon you. My breath is in you. Wisdom is your gift, take and receive.






Received 8th March 2009


It is My desire that my people know the effects of my words upon their lives. Respect what I say to you through my will for your lives. Don't worry about the things you do not understand. Cover my people with prayer. Support attitudes on the palms of your hands, holding them up to me and watch as I dissolve them with my gaze. Be energised for the task ahead. Prayer is the energiser.






Received 4th March 2009


There is anger, jealousy and insecurities and all these things. It's a viscous attack. I desire my people whole. I love them so much. Speak to what needs to be spoken to in my name and they cannot remain. Listen to me and I will help you.


There is a battle for supremacy which I will not allow to continue. Love will overrule. My love is enough. My love can melt ice. My love can burn through fog. My love can fill a barren land. Speak only words of love for my power comes through those words. Bring your hurts to me for I will listen and not condemn you.






Received 1st March 2009


"Come, my children, I have much to say to you. The needy are out there in multitudes, more than you could cope with. I am setting in place a network which will soon become clear.

My Spirit is on the move as we speak. It is moving faster and faster as each day passes. Your prayer and devotion, and that of others, is creating a wind which propels this movement. You will be caught up and lifted high into the jet stream of my love and power. It is this love and this power that will bring healing to the nations.

You speak of my tidal wave; it will indeed sweep the nations and will begin in the faithful. Do not be troubled for you will feel the full force of the love that I have for you. For without it you would minister only in your own strength and not in mine. This I could not allow for it would cause you to grow weary. My love will sustain you: it will empower you. It will energise you and it will make you whole. Come then, let the doubts melt away for I am coming. I am coming soon.


The sun will shine upon you. You will swim in rivers of joy. You will float in lakes of pure gold. And My people will want to join you. This is how it will be.

My Son will be the magnet that He once was. Crowds of unbelievers will be drawn. You will need to speak little, for My Spirit will cover their hearts with a love that's irrisistable. Love is enough. Love has always been enough, yet My people have felt the need to search elsewhere. The time is coming when that searching will stop and they will look for love. And when they look they will find.


You can trust me with everything. Trust me with all that concerns you, for I am your God who is trustworthy. I am your God who will not let you down. I am your God who will support you. I am your God who will justify you. I am your God who will love you until the end of time.


Hold these things that I say to you close to your heart. Share them with others for My breath is in these words and it is my breath that will ignite the fire. Responses will differ but you must not take to heart those that do not capture the essence of what I am saying. Responsibility is not yours.





Received 22nd February 2009


Recommit your lives to me again. Give me the whole of you. Trust me with every part of your life. Give me those things that are hidden and you hold on to; those things you didn't want to bother me with because you thought them just part of your personality, those things that you still struggle with, those things that still hurt, those things that still annoy you, those things that get you down and make you angry.

Give me the frustrations that you feel towards me and my timing. Give me the doubts and confusion. Give me your judgemental nature. Give me those things that anger you about other people. Give me your intolerance of others, for I, the Lord, know that these attitudes still reside within you, though you try to clothe them with a self-righteousness. Though I know all these things reside within you I still love you- not despite them but because of them - for I, the Lord, know where they were born.

It is my desire that we go back to the cradle of their birth. My hand will deliver love that is so powerful, the cradle and all that is within it, can become a channel for love.






Received 16th February 2009


Your life is in my hands. I will lead you and others will follow. It is not without hunger for my will that my plans for you will flourish. I have put that hunger in your bellies and as you seek to satisfy a human hunger for food, so you will seek to satisfy  the hunger I have put there for my will for your lives.

The path ahead of you is attainable. It is reachable. It is within your grasp. Beneath your feet there is motion powered by my Spirit that will take you in the direction you must go.

You ask for the next stepping stone; it will shine like pure gold and will be visible in the days to come. Keep your eyes on me and the love that you will see smiling back at you will demonstrate eternity here on earth.







Received 11th February 2009


How can it be, when rivers run dry and the trickle of water runs down the mountainside gaining speed and momentum until the day comes when you look and that dry river bed has become awash with the sparkle of fresh water, giving life to what it hides beneath its surface? How can it be, when the snow capped mountains begin to melt with the power of the sun, displaying life that's been hidden beneath the snow? How can it be that the heart which appears to be dead can spring to life by the power of my Spirit?

I'll tell you how it can be. It can be through the gentle gaze as my eyes fall upon you with a love so caring and gentle. My love can melt the hardest of hearts. My love can melt all resistance. My love can melt all fear. My love can melt all anger. And my love can melt away all pain.

Speak only of my love to those who are angry, to those who are in pain, to those who are resistant to me. Love is enough.




Received 8th February 2009


As my Spirit falls upon the land those that know me will be my bride. Outstretch your arms and gather the weak and the lost. Stand them in a position where they can view me. Come and be filled with all that you need to be able to do this.

Some may resist, some may try to pull away but Love will win. The day is coming when the full extent of my love for you will be felt. My angels will hold you up. Do not be afraid for in the power when my love comes upon you you will fall to your knees and you will weep. And the tears that will flow will wash away any remaining doubt or fear that presently resides. You will have power within you that will surpass your own understanding and cause various reactions from others. Be prepared by these words I say unto you.


Received 1st February 2009


What will come to reside within you you will pour out upon my people. Love cannot be contained. It must be poured out or it will suffocate. My love is sufficient. My love is endless. It will capture the smallest grain of faith and cause it to blossom. In my world needs are to be met. My love is sufficient to meet all needs. This word begins in you. My love is sufficient to meet all your needs. My love will not embarras you. My love will not cause you to fear or stumble. My love can take you to a place of confidence that you thought was unreachable. My love can give you it all.

Sing for joy for my Spirit is coming. The needs of my people are far deeper than you know. The nations needs are deepening all the time and there will be a universal cry out unto me.

The house is just a small part of what I am doing. It's a simple beginning; it's not an end.

I can use you because of your committment to truth. Unbind my people. Help them to discard all that they have clothed themselves in, for there is a fire coming. The fire will erode the misconceptions and tangible doubts that have been transfered by well intentioned, but misled, leaders of the church. My hunger for my people is too great to allow the momentum to carry on. Therefore, I say this, be in no doubt my Spirit will sweep the nations. Come with me then and enjoy the view.




Received 28th January 2009


My people hear me but they don't interpret what I say in the ways of love and forgiveness. I call to them in words of love and forgiveness and my words float away unreceived.

You will be my 'word catchers', bringing the rightful blessings to my people. Hear me now for it is time to embrace the vision.

There is a place where riches abound. You will know no poverty, either in Spirit or blessings. My heart desires that you walk a long road with me. I am equipping you and providing the tools you will need for the journey.

The road has already been walked upon because I, the Lord, have walked it. I have cleared away every briar and every thorn bush. You will see only beauty. You will interpret my word to the needy and the lame. I will use you so mightily. I will use you mightily, more than those who look on will realise. I am coming for my bride but she's not yet ready. She doesn't know yet how much I love and desire her. Plans I have for you reach beyond this nation.

I, the Lord, see everything. You do not need to justify anything to anyone. I, the Lord, see everything. You do not need to comply for I, the Lord, see everything. You are under my authority and I will direct your ways. I will provide the link. I will be the thread. My Spirit will be poured out on all men. Many may still see you looking the opposite way and will misconstrue. Fear no man. I am the God who loves you.




Received 21st January 2009


It is not without concerns that I say these things. Others will want answers that you cannot give. You must cloak yourselves with the protection of my armour. For where there are no wolves of another dominion there are voices from those cloaked in friendship that will seek to sow doubts. What I am about to say to you will change everything.

Do not look to the church for support for it is not there. The church has let you down. The church has not demonstrated my love for you. It has been a barrier. It has caused you to stumble and fall. I can and I will work outside the church.





Received 14th January 2009


Light is a powerful thing. The world cannot live in darkness. The world needs light in order to function. I am the Light of the World. There are pockets of light all over my land. And this light shines into the darkness. This light reveals pain and sadness, sorrow and despair. If I were to take this light away man would be no more. I ordained you to shine in those dark places, to heal and restore, to bring hope to a dying world. Why would I extinguish that light? It is the very breath within you that gives life where there is death, that gives hope where there is despair, that gives joy to the misunderstood.

Be assured of my love within you; a love that can be poured out to others. It is my will that you become a beacon. Others will see the light from miles around and be drawn to it. They will come in varying speeds. Some will run and others will stumble. But they will come. You will minister and I'll be with you, for you desire what I desire.

Your love for me cannot grow: it is at full capacity. It will only deepen as we walk and talk together. Be assured of my love, my support, my strength, my approval. Do not fear stumbling for I have told you that the road ahead is boulder free, for there will be no wolves. It is my desire that you know me more. You'll experience the many dimensions as you work with me and for me. We make a good team!



Received 10th January 2009


Trust is not an act of will but something that's built up through experience and pain. Trust is a two way thing. I trust you and you trust me. The clip that binds us together is Love. It's made of pure gold and it gleams. Others will see the gleam.



Received 7th January 2009


Behold, for I am your God. There is no God but me. My way is the only way. You are in my hands. Look around and you will see me in unexpected places. Sometimes you may not recognise me but I will be there. And I'm going to open your eyes. You will see me in the faces of the lost and the poor in Spirit for I dwell there with an embrace waiting to be felt. You will indeed bridge the barren place between the poor in Spirit and the God who loves them. I can use you  for you are a channel for my love to flow through. Where you are most vulnerable that channel is widened and my love can flow much freer.

I want to sing you a love song. I love you with a love that is all consuming. I love you with a passion. If you were to know the extent of this love you could not live. But you will live and you will know as much as you can stand.

Expect the unexpected. I will come like a thief in the night and I will sweep you off your feet. I will scoop you up into my arms and we will laugh together. And I will sing you a love song.




Received 4th January 2009


This is where it begins. In this room. This is your house of prayer. From the intensity of prayer in this room dominions will fall. Leaps will be taken. Wings will fly. Boundaries will be extended. Fingers will touch things that have yet been untouched. And those things will never have known the very existence of God. And behold, those things will burst into life. And life will become like the fizz in a bottle, beautiful to look at, exciting to behold.


My children, my knee is available to you. I desire that you come to me as a small child, gazing into my eyes with an expectant look; a look of joy and bewilderment and love. For you are my precious child and what I long to do for you surpasses your wildest dreams. You think you can imagine the gifts I have for you but you cannot. For they are far, far deeper and more exuberant than any book could describe. I have longed and longed for this moment. Since before you were born I have ached to give them to you but the time wasn't right. I've had to stand back and watch you in pain. My heart has almost broken at times watching the pain  that I must allow, but knowing that one day I could give you this gift. My child, the time is coming and it's coming fast. You will be prepared. For you are doing all I ask. I ask that you draw near to me and this you do. My eyes fill with joy when I gaze upon you. I trust you with my people. You have proved yourself trustworthy to my Father. Come and receive.



Received 29th December 2008


Be not afraid or bemused for I am with you every step of the way. There are stepping stones ahead of you and you will put your foot upon each stone with confidence.

The sun will shine around you and you will be energised to take these steps. The ground before you is littered with the sparkle of my Spirit. You will look to the right and the left of you. There will be no wolves for my path is a righteous one; it's wide and it's long.

You ask me for answers I cannot yet give. This does not reflect on how much I love you, merely on what needs to be hidden for my purposes.

Trust me with your husbands. What will come from their mouths will astonish you.

You ask me for a timescale and I tell you that my love for you is endless. My time is not your time but I hear the urgency in your voices and in your hearts.

I did not plant this seed on a whim without thought for your human destiny. Cherish the seeds I have sown within you. Hold them close. Cup them with your own dear hands for what I have sown will grow and grow, bigger than you can ever imagine. What I have begun in you will not end with you.

Your tears over the years have fertilised the soil that has enabled me to plant these seeds. I will replace your tears of pain and of sadness with tears of joy. People will call you blessed because of me.

Do not worry. I am within you. I am in you and I surround you. I will protect you and I will keep you warm with my love. Much is happening that you cannot see but there is much at work.